Instytut Przemysłu Skórzanego, Oddział w Krakowie (IPS) is a public body aimed at supporting and assisting entrepreneurs from the footwear industry to enhance their effectiveness and help them protect their competitive position.

IPS’s range of activities include research and development, functionality, comfort and quality of footwear, innovative materials and plastics, modern design of footwear and shoe components, environmentally-friendly and innovative tanning technologies, protection of natural environment, waste management and quality evaluations and expert opinions, research and assessment of materials, footwear, adhesives, components and other shoe materials.


Research in the field: of anthropometric measurements of the foot is carried out in Footwear Functionality Department which also performs comprehensive study on foot-shoe interactions. Department specializes in evaluation and promotion of children's shoes (“Healthy foot” shoe label) and shoes for diabetes and people suffering various ailments of lower extremities. Specialised, thermoplastic orthotics for adults are made in the department’s laboratory. The quality assessment of finished footwear and its components is performed.

In the Department of Materials Science and Engineering a research work on new technologies of production and processing of plastic components is carried out. Activities include production and processing of adhesives and auxiliaries for footwear industry, computer-aided. new mold design technology and application of new technologies finishes shoe soles,

Department of Advanced Technology conducts scientific research in the field: of innovative materials and plastics, especially micro- and nanomaterials. Polymers with special properties and new methods of recycling plastics have been developed in department’s laboratory.

Works in the Department of Upper Materials specializes focuses in research work in modern technologies of production and modification of footwear materials used for outer and inner parts of footwear. The department provides research services in the field of testing of upper parts materials for footwear according to the requirements of Polish, European and international standards

Design of fashionable footwear according to the latest world’s trends and technological assistance in improving the course of the production cycle are main tasks for the Department of Design and Footwear Technology. It also provides service in consultations, lectures, training in design, construction, and technology of footwear.