The Spanish Federation of Footwear Industries (FICE) is a business organisation that represents the overall interests of the footwear sector, both at regional and national level as well as internationally since it was set up in 1977.

It comprises 9 associations and gathers together more than 500 companies representing up to 90% of production and exportations in the sector across Spain.

FICE’s work is aimed at fostering business competitiveness, boosting companies’ strengths and guaranteeing a future for the sector through a variety of strategies, which include internationalisation, promotion, training and information, marketing and distribution, quality, brand support, environmental issues and new technologies.

FICE comprises nine associations based in the main footwear industrial hubs (AVECAL –Valencian Region-, AICCOR -La Rioja-, ASPROFA -Albacete-, APICT -Toledo-, AFCYA -Zaragoza-, AFC -Menorca-, AFACA -Majorca-, APICAL -Valverde del Camino- and ASOCAL -Vall d'Uxó-), as well as individual companies based in other areas outside the above-mentioned territories.

FICE and its member associations as a whole bring together more than 500 companies, which account for 90% of footwear production, distribution and exports in Spain.

FICE mainly focuses on boosting companies’ competitiveness by promoting their strengths, ensuring their future and developing international promotion strategies. It also develops training programmes, market analysis, trade information, brand support programmes, IT and environmental projects, among others, thus promoting the sector’s commitment for innovation. FICE relies on the support of the Spanish Footwear Technological Institute (INESCOP) and the Footwear Technology Centre of La Rioja (CTCR).



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